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Laser Cutting

We have extensive Laser Cutting experience having first introduced Co2 Laser to our production in 1991 & now Fiber Laser in 2013. Our chosen machine tool manufacture is Bystronic of Switzerland. We have great experience of Laser Cutting in most Ferrous & non-ferrous materials in the thickness range of 0.5mm to 25.0mm.

We currently run 2 machines, a Byspeed 4.4Kk 3015 & a Bysprint Fiber 3.0Kw 3015. Both machines are fitted with Bystronic Byloaders & automatic pallet changers. The loaders offer a scratch free & very productive means of handling raw material. In both cases the machines can be loaded with up to 3 Tons of raw material for lightly manned production. Both machines take industry standard sheet material at sizes up to 3000 x 1500 all ferrous & non-ferrous metals can be cut. The machines are networked with Bysoft7 programming & nesting software, which offers unrivaled cutting paths & sheet utilization.

The Byspeed 4.4Kw Co2 resonator gives capacity to Laser Cut Carbon Steel from 0.5-25.0mm in thickness, to Laser Cut Stainless Steel from 0.5-15.0mm and to Laser Cut Aluminum from 0.5-12.0mm. Thin sheet cutting performance is quite spectacular with axis speeds in excess of 20M/Min & axis acceleration 30m/s2 regularly achieved.

The Bysprint 3.0Kw Fiber Laser source gives capacity to Laser Cut Carbon Steel from 0.5-20.0mm in thickness, to Laser Cut Stainless Steel from 0.5-10.0mm, to Laser Cut Aluminum from 0.5-6.0mm, to Laser Cut Copper from 0.5-6.0mm and to Laser Cut Brass from 0.5-6.0mm. Non-ferrous cutting speeds are often realized at 40M/Min. Edge cut quality is very smooth & completely burr free. The Fiber Laser source uses less than 1/3 of the power of conventional Co2 Laser, so yes we are helping the environment too.

With all Laser Cutting the choice of assist gas is a major consideration. Whilst nitrogen offers the very best in edge quality & cutting speed the amount of bottled gas needed can add considerably to component cost. We have addressed nitrogen consumption by installing our own in-house nitrogen generation plant. With 300Bar high pressure storage we generate nitrogen overnight. This gives us unlimited availability of very low cost cutting assist gas; Nitrogen is our cutting gas of choice. Nitrogen clean cut gives bright burr free edges which are free from discoloration or oxidization. Clean cut Nitrogen makes cut edges ideal for onward operations such as welding or painting without further preparation.

Sophisticated Bysoft & Radan CAD/CAM computer software allows complex components and nests to be programmed with great ease and efficiency. The software accepts 2D & 3D imports direct from customer data, file formats include DXF, DWG, IGES & STEP.

If your product is manufactured from sheet metal and you think we may be able to help, Sheet Metal Work or Laser Cutting or Powder Coating. For further information on Precision Sheet Metal Work & Sheet Metal Fabrications, please contact us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.